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Online Spelling Test
Dear student, here is your spelling list.
Please read it carefully:
Ready? Turn on your speakers (using headphones is recommended) and click the "Start" button.

This user-friendly, online spelling test has multiple functions that allow learners to test their own words.

After choosing your wordlist from the homepage, be sure to read through each of the words before you begin the activity.

After you start the test, each word is sounded out automatically, but you can click the "Listen" button to repeat it as many times as you wish. Once you type your answer, you can either click the "Tab" or "Enter" keys on your keyboard, or use your mouse to click in the next text field.

To relieve the stress of time constraints, the activity has no time limit, allowing the students to work at their own preferred pace. Note that homophones (words with the same pronunciation i.e. ‘to’ and ‘two’) are contextualised by an accompanying sentence to prevent any confusion.

Once completed, click the "check" button, and the test will automatically go over your input and mark your correct and incorrect words. In case you have any incorrect words, click them to see their correct spelling.

You can retake the test in full once completed, but you also have the option of focusing on any misspellings that may have occurred.

By the option of narrowing your spelling list to retest only mistaken words, the kid will eventually succeed with spelling of all the words. This will strengthen their self confidence of their spelling abilities, and enhance their self esteem.